SIGN THE PETITION: Tell the Trump administration to protect our planet, not Big Polluters’ profits

The New York Times has called the Trump administration’s anti-environment policies a “relentless agenda” – and this latest move gutting the National Environmental Policy Act does nothing to slow that agenda down. It stands to make EVERYTHING worse for our one and only Earth.

Under the cover of the coronavirus pandemic, Trump is rolling back critical laws and regulations that protect human health and the health of the environment from toxic chemicals, air pollution, and climate disaster. And with less than 10 years to prevent complete climate catastrophe – Trump’s reckless rollback and suspension of environmental protections will bring us closer to that cataclysmic reality EVEN SOONER.

It’s unacceptable to push our planet to the point of disaster so corporate CEOs can line their pockets with millions. We’re calling on the Trump administration to put the Earth before profits, protect the environmental review process, maintain critical regulations and stop giving handouts to Big Polluters.

We need 50,000 grassroots activists like you to sign the petition before midnight to add to our power. Please, add your name now!

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National Wildlife Federation

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