Sign the petition: Stop the corporate power grab in Congress

Sign the petition: Stop the corporate power grab in Congress

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The GOP and President Trump are pushing dangerous, back-door legislation to put corporate interests ahead of America’s interests. Speaker Paul Ryan and Republican House members have already passed a set of three dangerous bills to help Trump further his plan to dismantle our democratic institutions – and now this legislation is headed to the Senate. If passed, these bills would result in thousands of premature deaths in the United States by rolling back vital health safeguards.

This trio of bills is a gift to corporate interests that fund Republican campaigns. The bills would prevent key agencies (like the Environmental Protection Agency, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the Food and Drug Administration) from carrying out their crucial missions to protect Americans – by handing over our democracy to corporate interests. Our public process for establishing rules to protect Americans from corporate abuse – where citizens, stakeholders, and experts have a voice – would all but vanish.

We need your help to stop these anti-democratic bills before Trump signs them into law. Add your name to this petition urging the Senate to reject the Regulatory Accountability Act, the REINS Act, and the Midnight Rules Relief Act.

To: U.S. Senators

I urge you to protect the health and safety of the American people by voting NO on three misleading and deceptively named bills: the Regulatory Accountability Act, the REINS Act, and the Midnight Rules Relief Act. Not only are these bills unnecessary, but they also hand our democracy over to special interests.

The so-called “Regulatory Accountability” Act would block crucial protections Americans rely on for their health and safety: rules to protect our air and water from corporate polluters, workplace safety requirements, food safety measures, and sensible Wall Street regulations that protect middle-class families from the irresponsible behavior that caused the last recession. Under this act, essential updates to these protections could be killed – shifting the balance of power even more toward big banks, corporate polluters, and other special interests who want to weaken enforcement of our consumer and environmental protection laws.

The REINS Act would prevent federal agencies from putting in place life-saving standards that keep Americans safe. Critical, commonsense updates to everything from clean air standards to overtime rules could be completely tied up in red tape – indefinitely. The REINS Act would serve as a major, major rewrite of the functioning of our federal government – and it’s potentially unconstitutional.

Under the “Midnight Rules Relief” Act, Congress could kill vital safeguards that President Obama provided in his final year as President. This includes actions like providing school breakfast to children, implementing life-saving ozone pollution standards, and limiting methane pollution from oil and gas wells on public lands. Under this act, all of these rules and many others could be reversed in a single batch, without meaningful debate or public input.

Together, these bills would serve corporate special interests at the expense of our health and safety. I urge you to reject this shameful power grab.