Demand that we strengthen clean car emissions standards, not roll them back!

Protect our planet! Demand Ford keep its agreement to support clean car emissions standards!

Days after Trump’s inauguration, Ford started lobbying the EPA to roll back Obama-era automobile fuel efficiency standards designed to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

This signature policy from the Obama administration was informed by facts, science and a coalition between policymakers and auto manufacturers, including Ford. It was already on track to help our climate and our wallets. Now, after working with the Obama administration to make cars cleaner, Ford has done a 180 and sprinted to Trump, asking him to roll back CO2 emissions standards.

With this move, Ford is proving that it values its profits over our health, safety and environment. Rolling back the clean car standards would force us to pay more at the pump, allowing up to 280 million metric tons of CO2 to pollute our air and water by 2030. We need 100,000 people to speak up in support of clean emissions standards and against this rollback.

Add your name right now to demand Ford keep its promise to Americans and our planet! Demand that we strengthen clean car emissions standards!

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