Add your name now and tell Congress: We need a Green New Deal!

Add your name now and tell Congress: We need a Green New Deal!

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We’re running out of time to tackle the climate crisis. The clock is ticking as more and more communities face catastrophic wildfires, droughts, and storms.

Many of these same communities also face another crisis: sky-high inequality. Millions of working-class families, communities of color, and others endure low wages, toxic pollution, and climate disasters while corporate polluters enjoy rising profits.

We urgently need bold, unprecedented action to tackle the twin crises of climate change and inequality. We need to mobilize vast public resources to transition from an economy built on exploitation and fossil fuels to one driven by dignified work and clean energy. We need a Green New Deal.

A Green New Deal would simultaneously tackle the climate crisis, create millions of high-paying jobs, and counteract racial and economic inequity. It would revitalize our infrastructure, retrofit our buildings, revive clean manufacturing, and restore our ecosystems – delivering clean air and water, good jobs, and climate stability to those who’ve borne the brunt of the fossil fuel economy.

We can transition to a more equitable, clean energy economy that leaves no one behind – but only if Congress enacts a Green New Deal.

Our coalition needs 100,000 fired-up people like you to help tackle climate change and inequality at the speed and scale that justice demands. Will you add your name right now in support of a Green New Deal?

Add your name now and tell Congress: We Need a Green New Deal!