Support Diplomacy – Not War – With North Korea

Support Diplomacy – Not War – With North Korea

Tensions are rising on the Korean peninsula, and we’re inching closer to all out war, or worse, a nuclear catastrophe.

In recent weeks, North Korea has launched provocative ballistic missiles tests and threatened another nuclear test. In response, the erratic, reckless Trump Administration has ratcheted up tensions and threatened what the President called a “major, major conflict.” To buttress his bluster, the President has sent aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, and a host of other military forces towards North Korea.

Thankfully, despite the deafening drums of war, there is at last a voice for peace. South Koreans just elected a new, progressive president, Moon Jae-in, who campaigned on a pledge to engage in talks with North Korea to freeze and reverse its nuclear program and pursue diplomacy to finally put an end to the conflict.

Later this month, President Moon is traveling to Washington to meet President Trump, and we can’t let our best hope for peace be bullied into war.

Add your name to let President Moon know that the American public supports his efforts for a peaceful resolution to the nuclear crisis with North Korea.

Dear President Moon,

As Americans, we congratulate you on your election as President of the Republic of Korea. We were heartened by your commitment to diplomacy throughout your campaign, and want you to know that we support you. Both Americans and Koreans know the only way to halt and reverse North Korea’s nuclear program is through diplomacy. Please know that we, the American people, want peace.

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