Force House Speaker Paul Ryan to release Trump’s tax returns

Force House Speaker Paul Ryan to release Trump’s tax returns

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House Speaker Paul Ryan and Republican leaders in Congress are trying to silence the resistance movement and protect Donald Trump. They are blocking legislation that would force Trump to release his tax returns. Working together, we can smash through their blockade.

Using a parliamentary procedure known as a DISCHARGE PETITION, Democrats are attempting to force the release of Trump’s tax returns. They need 218 signatures from Representatives to force a vote on legislation requiring Trump to release his taxes. We are more than 85 percent of the way there already.

Add your name today to tell your member of Congress: sign the DISCHARGE PETITION to force the release of Trump’s tax returns.

To: All Members of the House of Representatives

The Presidential Tax Transparency Act would require Donald Trump and all future presidents and major party presidential nominees to release their tax returns for the last three years. But this bill is stuck in committee. This should not be a partisan issue. All presidents and presidential candidates for the last 40 years have released their tax returns.

We call on you to sign the discharge petition that would let this legislation bypass the committee and be brought to the House floor for a vote. The American people deserve to know who President Trump owes money to, how much he pays in taxes, how he would personally benefit from his own tax plan, and the financial conflicts of interest the president might have with respect to legislation and executive actions he supports.