Tell Congress: Support the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act.

Tell Congress: Support the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act.

One of the biggest environmental myths is that our plastic pollution problem will be solved by recycling and more conscious consumers. And while individual action adds up, the truth is that we need big systemic change that addresses the root cause of plastic pollution.

The Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act will do just that. It is comprehensive legislation that holds the big plastic manufacturers and polluters responsible, rather than consumers or communities. It pauses construction on any new plastic-making facilities. It begins to phase out single-use plastic products that aren't recyclable.

Plastic pollution is wreaking havoc on our planet and our communities. It's killing wildlife and ending up in our oceans, waterways, and even food. Creating plastic in the first place also requires immense amounts of fossil fuels, and with manufacturing facilities located in low-income communities of color, it disproportionately harms Black and brown residents. And with 99% of plastics made from fossil fuels, the fossil fuel industry has created a plastic boom – and it's only expected to get worse. As fossil fuel demand continues to drop, the industry has increasingly turned to plastic production.

At every stage of its lifecycle, plastic exacerbates the climate crisis and continues unconscionable environmental injustices. Companies and our elected leaders must protect our communities and put the health of people and the planet ahead of polluter profit. Tell Congress: Pass the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act now!

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