Demand Congress restore the Endangered Species Act and protect vulnerable populations like the gray wolf!

Scientists say one million species are facing extinction. We cannot let the gray wolf be one of them, again.

The Endangered Species Act is our nation’s most effective law for protecting threatened wildlife, bringing hundreds of species – including the gray wolf – back from the brink of extinction since it was enacted in 1973. But in 2020, the Trump administration decimated this vital legislation, stripping protections from imperiled gray wolves across most of the lower 48 states and putting them and other species in danger of disappearing for good.

Without the Endangered Species Act’s critical protections, countless species could be wiped out forever. Please, don’t let this happen.

We need 50,000 concerned wildlife protectors like you to help send the strongest possible message to the Biden administration. Will you take just a moment to sign our petition, demand the full restoration of the Endangered Species Act and protect imperiled animals like the gray wolf?

SIGN THE PETITION: Demand Congress fully restore the Endangered Species Act today!

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