Bees are dying at alarming rates worldwide – and because bees are responsible for roughly one in every three bites of food we eat, we’re all in trouble. That’s why we’re calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to act NOW to protect them.

A decade of research has made it clear that neonicotinoid pesticides are highly toxic to bees and are a contributing factor for the pollinators dying in record numbers. In 2016, the EPA finally confirmed this troubling fact. The agency even concluded that the use of neonics as a seed coating on soybean seeds – one of the major uses of neonics on crops today – provides little to no overall benefit to soybean production.

Tell the EPA to restrict all nonessential uses of neonics. We cannot stand by and watch pollinators die as the EPA completes its final assessment. You may use this form to submit EWG's pre-written comments or write your own in the box provided.

As a supporter of EWG, I urge the Environmental Protection Agency to end all nonessential neonicotinoid use.

As the EPA concluded in 2016, neonicotinoid pesticides are harmful to bee populations, and the benefits of one of its most common uses, as a coating on soybean seeds, are questionable for farmers.

While the EPA continues to assess harms to other pollinators, I urge the agency to suspend all nonessential uses of neonicotinoids on agricultural crops – including their use as a seed coating – where the agency or peer reviewed research has determined that their use provides little to no overall benefit.

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