Protect working families: Stop Trump's tax cuts for the wealthy & corporations!

President Trump, Republican leaders in Congress and a massive special-interest lobbying machine (run by the Koch brothers and corporate America) are gearing up to give massive tax breaks to millionaires and wealthy corporations. They want to pay for them by cutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public education and other critical services for working families.

President Trump and Republican leaders have proposed budgets that would slash between $4 trillion and $6 trillion from those services we all depend on—just so that they can afford huge tax cuts of similar amounts that would further enrich billionaires and big corporations and encourage the offshoring of jobs. This is the health care fight all over again. We can win, but only if we all speak out.

Sign the petition telling members of Congress to reject a budget that cuts Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public education and much more while giving massive tax breaks to the rich and powerful.

To: All members of Congress

Any tax and budget plans you support must meet the following principles:

  • The wealthy and big corporations must be required to pay their fair share of taxes. They must not get one penny in new tax cuts.
  • Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and services that protect the most vulnerable must not be put at risk of cuts. Congress must raise the revenue needed to fund investments that create millions of new jobs rebuilding roads and bridges, educating our children, expanding health care, researching new medical cures and ensuring a secure retirement for seniors.
  • Tax breaks should be eliminated that encourage multinational corporations to shift jobs and profits offshore. Corporations should pay what they owe on current offshore profits. And Congress should not establish new tax rates for overseas earnings that encourage companies to stash money abroad.
  • Congress must not use a fast-track, partisan process, known as reconciliation, to pass tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations that lose revenue.

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